Traveling At ‘Warp Speed’ With ‘Fundamentally Unserious’ People

Traveling At ‘Warp Speed’ With ‘Fundamentally Unserious’ People

So, it's vaccine news you want is it? Well, the administration is happy to deliver. Wednesday morning brought a flurry of headlines around a COVID shot, as officials sought to clarify and otherwise accentuate claims Donald Trump made during an ABC town hall event. "If you want to know the truth, the previous administration would have taken perhaps years to have a vaccine because of the FDA and all the approvals", Trump said, comparing "Operation Warp Speed" to an imaginary scenario where Barac
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10 thoughts on “Traveling At ‘Warp Speed’ With ‘Fundamentally Unserious’ People

    1. I just hope, at this point, that it’s clear to most rational people (especially my readers, who I assume are rational or they wouldn’t be here reading about e.g., rates derivatives) that this is totally off the rails. I mean, prior to 2020 it was at least possible to make a handful of arguments in favor of the administration (e.g., well, at least they didn’t plunge us into a war, although even that is a kind of “not for lack of trying” thing). Now, though, we’re spiraling totally out of control. The White House has no grip on the steering wheel. There are nearly 200,000 people dead, the streets are on fire in some cities, inequality of all kinds is multiplying exponentially, and we now have GOP lawmakers actively altering videos (not just misconstruing or taking clips out of context, but actually going in in and altering them) of political opponents and posting them to social media. I cannot emphasize enough that this is not tenable over the longer-term.

      1. So sad, but so true. This DMF will prove PT Barnum correct if he wins reelection, even as his “tapes” replace Nixon’s Watergate tapes.

        I have always thought there is no way you could lose by underestimating the intelligence of the American people, but this time I think we will rise to the occasion and he will be soundly defeated to where even his call of rigged elections will fall on deaf ears as he is escorted out of the White House, on the way to the “Big House”. I apologize to everyone as I voted for the DMF. Fool me once…………

  1. Structural un-employment is taking root. Begging at the side door of churches is G.O.P. answer or looting. Heating season will be here soon.
    Universal mask policy as late as July 1st would have kept it under 200,000 casualties (yes casualties of a political battle) at election. Now we are looking at over 400,000 January 1st. A universal mask policy today would keep it under 300,000 January 1st. 100,000 people die because of false hope.

      1. WWII was a little before most of our times. But I did grow up at the tail end of Vietnam and lived in DC when the Vietnam Memorial went up and all my life, 59,000 deaths (the US toll in Vietnam) MEANT something. Looking at that wall the first time, it seemed inconceivable and remained so until now.

        And now? Now we shrug about 59,000 preventable deaths and champion our precious freedoms to not wear a mask? Sounds pretty MAGA.

  2. The current state of affairs is not sustainable but vote rigging was never about sustainability. It was about short term gain. If not for vote rigging the Republicans would have been out of power decades ago. They simply have nothing to sell the American public they truly want to buy.

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