Apple Eats World (And Nobody Cares About Warren Buffett)

The world is supposed to eat apples. Instead, Apple is eating the world. Or at least the financial world. The shares rose again in early trading on Monday, thanks in part to Morgan Stanley, whose Katy Huberty lifted her price target to a Street-high $520, up from $431. Apple "trades at a discount to both tech platforms and strong consumer brands", she said, adding that the stock "has further room to run". That's really saying something. Because it's run pretty far, pretty fast. And one thing

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2 thoughts on “Apple Eats World (And Nobody Cares About Warren Buffett)

  1. The dominance of FAAMG is like the troops and townsfolk investing the castle and leaving the countryside unprotected. The dragon can lay waste to the surrounding farmsteads but the castle is well defended.

    But, surely, dragons aren’t real

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