$2 Trillin: A Job(s) Well Done

The astounding surge in US stocks from the pandemic lows hit in late March marked another milestone on Wednesday. Just weeks after surpassing Saudi Aramco to become the world's most valuable company, Apple hit a $2 trillion valuation. The shares breached the mark during a modest morning rally that brought gains for August to around 10%. For 2020, the shares are up nearly 60%. Had you bought at the March nadir, you'd have doubled your money -- and then some. Late last month, Apple blew the p

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7 thoughts on “$2 Trillin: A Job(s) Well Done

  1. This in the face of the relentlessly growing schism between US & China. Will Apple and Microsoft emerge unscathed?

    “Investors” appear to think so. Otherwise, the whole notion that the stock market is a discounting mechanism should be put to rest, along with the Philips Curve.

    1. As well as put to rest Laffer Curve, that globalization benefits everybody, that government deficits crowd out private market investment, and that a higher minimum wage hurts workers.

  2. (I) QWERTY, (II) Capital / labor division in spoils, (III) government / private, (IV) natural (gaia realities) / human intervention .

    We are missing the point – No — We are missing almost all the points in our too common, narrow outlook.

    Don’t be unaware of reality – the world is not the stock market

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