Signed. Sealed. Delivered?

"We’re not expecting another phone call with [Nancy] Pelosi unless her members encourage her to come back and negotiate", Mark Meadows said Monday, in an effort to perpetuate the blame game around stalled stimulus talks inside the Beltway. Meadows claimed it's not about the money when it comes to the postal service. "Funding for the post office was not a stumbling block in the negotiations", he insisted. That is, at best, a generous bit of spin. At worst, it's just not true. Although Donald

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4 thoughts on “Signed. Sealed. Delivered?

  1. They stopped removing mail sorting machines in the state I live in. Obviously, the USPS has been on a downward slope since about 2000. Pension funding, for one is a large problem. Another problem just seems to be neglect at the Federal level. The USPS is akin to Social Security. Akin to immigration. People have seen the problems from decades away, but inaction, inattention, from DC, have kept us from dealing with issues of supreme importance to our society,

    Even if the intentions in removing the mail sorting machines and conducting re-engineering operations were sincere, the optics of the actions are stupid. Of course the actions are not sincere, the actions are being driven by an appointment of a campaign donor.

    Sorry, but when we cannot even have a well functioning postal service, we have turned into a third-word country. In many regards, we are already there. Willful neglect by our elites.

    Only the Fed has kept us from catastrophe. Money that DC can’t pass a bill on, and get signed, is at this point, money that will not get into the economy. September was considered by the smart people to be a kind of Rubicon for the economy.

    Perhaps the administration has given up and their plan now is to had the biggest flaming bag of steaming economic depression to the next administration.

    It didn’t have to be this way.

      1. I haven’t looked at any financial disclosures, but I’m guessing Mnuchin has a lot of personal wealth at stake, and has more to lose than Meadows if things go completely off the rails.

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