‘This Is Uncharted Territory’: Wall Street Weighs Prospect Of Contested Election Outcome

‘This Is Uncharted Territory’: Wall Street Weighs Prospect Of Contested Election Outcome

"The items are the post office and the $3.5 billion for mail-in voting", Donald Trump told Fox's Maria Bartiromo on Thursday. "If we don’t make the deal, that means [they] can’t have the money", the president added. "That means they can’t have universal mail-in voting. It just can’t happen". Those remarks were the clearest indication yet that Trump's aversion to mail-in ballots isn't confined to rhetoric. Rather, the president's contention that voting by mail invariably leads to massiv
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5 thoughts on “‘This Is Uncharted Territory’: Wall Street Weighs Prospect Of Contested Election Outcome

  1. My own guess is this is going to backfire. What many analysts don’t seem to be factoring in is the possibility of a complete and utter blowout of the GOP this time around. The best parallel I can see is the 1932 election. Hoover was vengeful afterwards, which is not so different from what I anticipate Trump will be. Either way, the most dangerous time is certain to be the time between Nov 4th and January 20th for the country. Win or lose by Trump. A close contested election looks like about a 40% possibility with Trump holding the edge in such an outcome (3/4 or 30% Trump/10% Biden). But a blowout type of election is now becoming increasingly likely (30% likely all BIden) and a moderate win by Biden (30% to Biden). We should worry about a close election- it could spell the end for a real democracy here. But there is still a higher chance that it will be a clear loss for Trump (60%). A close loss for Trump is the type of outcome to be concerned ab out for the democracy(10% odds). Of course a close win for Trump (30%) is scary for other reasons.

  2. This is going to a supreme court decision. Guess we’ll find out where Roberts stands once again on a constitutional vs. a court-approved, dictatorial decision. It’s a toss-up. And Walt, is this also a Seeking Alpha post? You’re surely waking the tightrope, the objectivity line, in this post.

    1. No one can be sure of where we are and how this plays out. I applaud his efforts. No one can rationally pretend the times we are faced with are anything short of extraordinary.

  3. Not sure how this is “Unprecedented.”

    We have a model for this, Bush, 2000, and we know what happens: If the Republican wins, everyone is told that the system works, and any and all protests about legitimacy are ignored by the media.

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