Taboos Falling

Taboos Falling

After some 72 hours of needlessly fraught negotiations aimed at sealing a deal to launch Europe's historic recovery fund, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden are apparently "satisfied". Three long days of badgering spearheaded by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte reportedly resulted in a compromise around the structure of the fund. €390 billion will be disbursed as grants, down from the €500 billion the European Commission originally proposed. The rest will be doled out as cheap loa
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3 thoughts on “Taboos Falling

  1. How ironic would it be if the pandemic proves to be the catalyst to solidify the European Union? After a fiscal union becomes a reality and joins the monetary union, will secession voices in different locales have the same influence? Once you share the collective burden of debt and fiscal transfers a divorce is a much messier proposition…

    1. Europe becoming more unified, while America’s internal divisions grow wider and wider.

      I’m not sure what it would take to (re)unify America nowadays. A Martian invasion? Or would Red and Blue disagree on how to handle that situation, as well…?

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