Fast and Furious.

For the second time in three days, Florida recorded more than 10,000 new coronavirus infections in the space of a single 24-hour period. Saturday's rise was 11,458, a new record and, as far as I can tell, more than any European state recorded on the worst days of Europe's outbreak. That, folks, is a dubious statistic. If Florida (in its current condition) were a European country three months ago, it would be the epicenter of the region's epidemic. By contrast, New York (the old US epicenter) r

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8 thoughts on “Fast and Furious.

  1. What if China leans on its citizen to buy Chinese smart phones and not Apple’s or slow walks business with any other US tech company operating in the world’s 2nd biggest economy.

  2. The Fed will be buying equities.

    The Fed will be buying any and all bonds as needed.

    The Fed’s bal sheet will exceed tgat of GDP within the next decade.

    They are so far down the rabbit hole they will be the rabbit, the dirt all around, and the air.

    What is alternative? Let it fail at this point?

    Over a decade of this and more to come.


  3. And despite all this uncertainty, I saw today that Republican senators are doing as you predicted and using the unemployment report as a reason to nix further stimulus payments. In fact, Ron Johnson had the following to say: “I wasn’t supportive of the first round. I don’t think I’d be supportive of the second. This is not a classic recession that requires financial stimulus.” I honestly don’t even know where to begin with those kinds of statements, but he also stated that he thinks we overreacted to the coronavirus.

    The only way I can square their actions is by assuming they either don’t want Trump to get re-elected or they will make a few members of their caucus fall on their sword and vote for a stimulus plan so the rest can continue to pretend to be serious about the deficit. Hopefully, the one good thing to come out of Trump’s desperation will be much needed support for the folks who are taking the brunt of the crisis.

    1. He is taking it seriously as he did all his bankruptcies. He is in final rundown mode. He will continue to take larger and larger gambles as anyone would in bankruptcy.

      The coronavirus non-response was a gamble the coronavirus would go away, he has stayed with this gamble. He is even making noises about a big announcement on coronavirus next week. Delaying it as it could be market moving. Want to bet that his buds already know the text and are going to be well positioned when the announcement comes? This pre-positioning could backfilre, but that never stopped him from seeking adoration.

      He does like to be sneaky and the powers of classification further enable this tendency. So we can expect multiple sneaky attempts to come out on top, no matter the shit smell on his clothes.

  4. And with the Attorney General in his pocket they can tie up the election results for months if there is any smell of it being close.

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