Goldman: US Recovery To ‘Stall’ Amid ‘Dramatic’ Virus Surge

For months, critics of the re-opening push (and also would-be critics who, by virtue of the positions they hold, were compelled to couch their criticism in neutral terms), cautioned that restarting the world's largest economy in haphazard fashion risked the worst possible outcome. There was a time when Americans were known for discipline and altruism. But that is ancient American history. Generally speaking, we are a nation of consumption-addicted, instant gratifiers, selfish well beyond what's

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5 thoughts on “Goldman: US Recovery To ‘Stall’ Amid ‘Dramatic’ Virus Surge

  1. Color me skeptical also. The next 2 weeks will be very telling for Florida and Texas. The medical field has a better capacity for saving lives but who wants to chance it. Stay home or go out and risk a hospital stay. Still can not find lysol spray in any store here in New York. Gloves,yes,masks yes,but if no business is able to give the air a spray once in a while…. There is nowhere to go to the bathroom. That is a very simple part you find out right away when you TRY going out. Those small enclosed spaces require an N95 or very good sanitation with a paper mask. Freedom and safety; what are we a bunch of Wildebeest? Thats the National plan.

  2. There’s an old saying, “adversity breeds character”. I’m sure the converse is also true. In Canada, I’ve seen a generation grow up (including my own children) with little adversity, a nanny state, and little capacity to handle difficulty.

  3. Skeptical, you bet! I live in New Hampshire where the numbers of people affected by the Covid 19 have been small compared to other states. But I will say I was surprised last week when I was in a local convenience store . It was me a woman in front of me and the store clerk. I had my mask on and the woman didn’t. She proceeded to complain to the store clerk about all those crazy liberals wearing their masks and how she would never wear one under any circumstance and that this whole issue is the crazy press trying to bring down Trump. As she turned around I could see she had a MAGA shirt on. I thought as long as people like her exist the rebound in cases is bound to go up.

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