Trump Poised To Escalate China Tensions With Uighur Bill As Markets Look On

Trump Poised To Escalate China Tensions With Uighur Bill As Markets Look On

Risk assets appeared poised to close the week on a tentative note as Donald Trump prepares to push back on China over human rights abuses, ratcheting tensions higher between the world's two largest economies at a delicate juncture. The House this week passed legislation opening the door to sanctions on Chinese officials in connection with the plight of the Uighurs and other minority Muslim minority groups in Xinjiang. This is a long-running saga, and the administration used it as an excuse to b
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6 thoughts on “Trump Poised To Escalate China Tensions With Uighur Bill As Markets Look On

  1. When you are a Master of propaganda like the US you obviously don’t have to worry about Minneapolis or issues in Iraq , Syria or Venezuela where you could be culpable ….What a world we live in….lol

    1. These are abnormal times, we will again be who we were before the Cons took over. The Republican Party has turned into a bunch of Cons doing Con jobs on anyone who will listen and thereby turned themselves into RepubliCons.

  2. Two thoughts-
    1. US should be inviting and welcoming any person from Hong Kong to the US- and offering a path to citizenship. We better hurry up before the Hong Kongers all go to the UK. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to add hard working, democratic people to our citizenry.

    I have already written off next 4 Years- hoping and praying for a presidential candidate with presidential abilities, a vision for the US for the next few decades, and beyond and the guts to make it happen.

  3. So Trump used the Hong Kong issue to blame China and the WHO for 100,000 plus US deaths. It’s not his fault or responsibility.

  4. Two governments playing to their respective domestic audiences. It is easily argued that Xi considers the economic and social stability on the mainland his biggest issue. In order to deflect attention, he clamps down on Hong Kong. The last thing he wants to another year of demonstrations while the domestic anger is raging about the economic carnage on the mainland. High unemployment can lead to political instability and feed an undesirable insurgency.

  5. So far, the mainland is calm and cool. The riots is in Hong Kong, no big deal. They fight each other themselves. Who cares. Just like MN.

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