Sell In May? Market Worries Trump On Crash Course For New War With China

Sell In May? Market Worries Trump On Crash Course For New War With China

If we're in for a repeat of last May, it won't be pretty for equities this month. April found the S&P logging its best monthly gain since 1987, but things ended on a decidedly sour note. May looks poised to begin in similarly downbeat fashion amid concerns the White House could finally make good on implicit (and, in some cases, explicit) threats to ban The Thrift Savings Plan from executing a planned reshuffle that would entail having a $50 billion fund mirror the MSCI All-Country World ind
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10 thoughts on “Sell In May? Market Worries Trump On Crash Course For New War With China

  1. There seems to be a consensus among historians that the Great Powers “sleepwalked” their way into the catastrophe that was WWI. With folks like Trump, Navarro, Rubio, Cotton, and Kyle Bass leading the charge, one can only hope that, contra Twain, history neither rhymes nor repeats.

    1. History does rhyme. Even the good stuff. Look at all the Bull markets. He is making the Bear case for them with his new direction. Great people always understand critique, the near great only hear criticism. That is fully in play. The FED was getting the credit for this run up not him. The tax base that keeps most of his base in comfort will be milked dry. Chaos and unrest will be perfect for a “law and order” campaign.

  2. Given how bad his “war” on coronavirus is going… I suspect he may indeed go looking for a fight he can win. I guess he could mint a few trillion dollar US coins and send them to china then blow up their island bases in the south pacific and then call it a day and dare China to do anything about it.

    1. The U.S. hasn’t “won” a war since WWII — and we only “won” that conflict because the USSR was willing to sacrifice 20 million of its people. Trump would be a fool to pick a fight with China, which by selling U.S. treasuries could bring the American economy to its knees in a matter of months.

      1. MFN, spot on with respect to your USSR-WWII comment. Most Americans only know D-Day and Patton’s late-summer race through France, with no knowledge of what took place at Stalingrad and Kursk.

  3. I’m 10000+ per cent against anything remotely connected to Trump hype and bs and strongly believe few people within his base have the ability to correctly spell the first ladies name, but, be that as it is, I’m very much against American entities being financially linked to Chinese corporations, that do not have verified gaap accounting. I was very unhappy when Alibaba was allowed on USA exchanges and then commingeled into American pension funds. That type of risk aversion is dangerous and in my mind, no fund from any country with garbage accounting should be vilified, in addition to every American corporation that is allowed to abuse accounting regs. And now we the Treasury itself, with Fed abusing rules and regs, and now in our highly broken casino, Orange Clown wants to add in as much insanity as his genius brain can pee out …

  4. The bankruptcy King and his supporters are flirting with a bankruptcy of the USA. How does he avoid jail with this move as he is likely to spur election of 67+ democrat senators and the rest voting for his removal on prior charges.

  5. For a writer of such excellent reports you certainly have a bunch of quacks among your comment writers.

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