Eye Of The Tiger.

Eye Of The Tiger.

"Given the pain that we see near-term in the US and Europe, this is unprecedented since the Great Depression, in terms of magnitudes", Deutsche Bank's Peter Hooper told Bloomberg TV last week. That captures the mood. March payrolls underscored the notion that the largest economy on the planet was rapidly shedding jobs even before some of the stricter stay-at-home orders were put in place during the last two weeks of the month. Jobless claims for those two weeks reflect an unprecedented shock.
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3 thoughts on “Eye Of The Tiger.

  1. I am throwing this out here just to get it out…

    I can’t help but feeling that Boeing’s issues are more systemic in terms of the US economy than SARS-CoV-2. Mind, I have no intent in trivializing what is going on, and maybe this concern is Lilliputian, too micro econ for this crowd or already chewed over and I missed it:
    with the Corona virus we are all kind of along for the ride, certainly at this point… but with Boeing, what were they thinking?

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