Out Of Adjectives.

US equities surged nearly 15% from Tuesday morning through late afternoon trading in New York on Wednesday, an astounding two-day move that again speaks to the unprecedented nature of recent market developments. Gains were tempered into the close after Bernie Sanders threw a bit of cold water on things by suggesting he'd "put a hold" on the virus relief package if some GOP senators don't soften their stance on unemployment benefits. "Unless Republican senators drop their objections to the coro

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6 thoughts on “Out Of Adjectives.

  1. As I said before (2008-9 ) ‘ next time this happens you can run but you can’t hide…’ This may well be true as I see no safe haven…..I remember my Mom lighting a coal stove with paper money when I was 5 years old , and my Dad saying the best he had was his Education (PHD’s ) Life is good though !!!

    1. George, I like you comments but really? Lighting a coal stove with paper money? So, you’re telling us you were a kid in Germany sometime after WWI, eight or nine years or so?

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