$2 Trillion.

$2 Trillion.

A rousing rally in Asia following Wall Street's blockbuster Tuesday gains spilled over into Europe briefly, but by dawn stateside, the good vibes had faded a bit. Investors doubt the durability of any bounce even as the White House and Congress have agreed on a stimulus package which some hope will be enough to power US stocks to a second straight day of gains for the first time since early last month. The stimulus deal - which Mitch McConnell said will be passed on Wednesday - is worth in exc
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4 thoughts on “$2 Trillion.

  1. One time cash payments and honoring worthless debt are “one offs” whose multiplier effect will be blunted by a much heavier debt load. Buying bridges to nowhere really isn’t a long term solution.

  2. Thank you for the China loss context. Deep in the head of the red tribe state, Trumps Easter goal is percieved as ridiculous all around; especially among regional decision makers responsible for our response. Smart Thermo Chart is also appreciated.

  3. What about the commercial real estate market (estimated to be between $14-$17 trillion as of 2018)?

    Tenants can’t or stop paying rent and as a result- mortgage payments/ real estate taxes can’t get paid.

    I might live to regret this, but not yet getting back in the market. Yesterday, possibly today, was rough sitting in cash. We timed getting out ( pure luck) but timing getting back in is proving to be very very difficult.

  4. It was hard to ignore the manipulation on the way up and equally difficult to ignore the pandering on the way down….Am holding pat on all positions and that is hard……Long Gold (miners ) short indexes and reading H……. (for a stabilizer) ..Thanks H…………

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