If you've been flabbergasted by the daily gyrations in US equities, you're hardly alone among market participants. But, as patiently explained in these pages nearly every, single day, these yo-yo swings (as it were) are not wholly inexplicable. Nobody questions that the coronavirus scare is the proximate cause of the market's consternation, but the stage was set for the kind of wild price action we're currently witnessing once we lost the vaunted "gamma pin" after expiry last month. It was at t
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2 thoughts on “Unshackled!

  1. The age of computers has made a lot of these complex high speed mega volume strategies into a reality… It seems to me that the this time is different crowd will settle down a bit at this point…. Man made and programed machines have no emotions and no peers on a playing field of dubious design.. It seems ,however they bear the fingerprints of their creator…..much like let’s say Frankenstein’s Monster….
    On the lighter side ….this market can be fun till it eats you alive…LOL

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