ISM And The COVID Conundrum

ISM And The COVID Conundrum

Apparently, ISM figured the February manufacturing and non-manufacturing PMIs might be a bit "stale" what with everything that's happening in the world, so rather than wait around to see the likely plunge in both gauges for March, they conducted a special survey on the effects of COVID-19. Specifically, the survey polled 628 respondents representing both the manufacturing and services industries. More than three-quarters of those polled have revenues less than $10 billion. The survey period was
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2 thoughts on “ISM And The COVID Conundrum

  1. The irony. Trump and his low iq or immoral allies tell his voters that this is a hoax. So many of the old white voters in red states who are a big part of Trump’s base are going to get killed off by these idiots.

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