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737 That Crashed Outside Tehran Likely Downed By Errant Missile: Officials

No matter how you slice it, this is a senseless tragedy.

No matter how you slice it, this is a senseless tragedy.
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6 comments on “737 That Crashed Outside Tehran Likely Downed By Errant Missile: Officials

  1. Free Capital says:

    Additionally, some pictures online of the wing debris appear to show shrapnel damage. That supports the likelihood of an explosion. If this article proves correct, it’s a ghastly mistake.

  2. George says:

    Typically , more detailed versions of last 4 days events and several with credibility exist currently on the alternative media… I am not mentioning this for any reason only offering to add insight to how EVERYTHING seems to operate nowadays….Control the narrative , advertise , click bait , polarize , Rev the base….it is all Public opinion and Propaganda and everyone plays….

  3. The Russians have the Iranian’s ear. Want to strike back at America (Boeing) while we make life miserable for the Ukrainians?? Here’s a way to do both without having to worry about reprisals AND we’ll give you a deal on a new order for our missiles. And you get even with the Americans for having shot down one of Iran’s commercial jets (and that was an accident?)

  4. Nobody says:

    I agree with George. We don’t have a clue about behind the scenes orchestration of the Soleimani killing and the shooting down of the plane. Everyone making nice so quickly along with the total lack of disclosure to congress suggests a tacit agreement at best. The narrative is too simple, too quick and too controlled.

  5. Grumble69 says:

    My opinion is that the missile strike was mainly to show-off their abilities. They don’t want to goad the US. And in a way, it makes Iran look like they are the “better man” by taking the high road. I honestly don’t think the missile strike is Iran’s response to taking out Soleimani. This is just a feint, with the bonus that Trump is largely getting negative press. The real response will probably occur months from now and not be directly connected to Iran. i.e. something big will likely get suicide bombed.

    The downed airliner is just a tragedy in a much bigger plot. Even if it’s an Iranian accident (and we know it most certainly is), I’m surprised they haven’t spun this as, “it would have never happened if the US had just left us alone; the deaths are on their hands”.

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