In Case It’s Not Clear Enough, William Barr Is Going To Prosecute And Jail Trump’s Enemies

In Case It’s Not Clear Enough, William Barr Is Going To Prosecute And Jail Trump’s Enemies

I feel like I should clarify something, considering there are lots of readers who come to these pages fresh each day, with no prior knowledge of our editorial bent or how we prefer to handle our coverage mix: Nobody who writes for this platform is particularly thrilled with the prospect of having to document the daily erosion of America's democracy at the hands of Donald Trump and William Barr. It's a disheartening task, and not because we're bleeding hearts who spend our days mourning the coun
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16 thoughts on “In Case It’s Not Clear Enough, William Barr Is Going To Prosecute And Jail Trump’s Enemies

  1. There is no doubt the only way this doesn’t happen again is if trump, nunes, barr, mcconnell and possibly a few others are tried for treason. Their guilt is doubtless, except maybe mcconnell. The state should then exact the highest penalty possible including seizing all their assets, revoking their citizenship, etc.

    A scorched earth policy is the only way to ensure this does not happen again (or at least the next 50 years).

    1. These times call for emulating that long-standing European tradition of the General Strike. Nothing short of that will ever get serious attention these issues require.

  2. Specially McConnel. he’s the one that wouldn’t even look at Obamma’s Supreme Court nominee as a start to getting control of it and he has sat there with his head up his arse while Trump has attacked everything America stood for. No, I’d jail him first.

  3. Fat Billy will build a Moot surrounding the White House.
    The problem here, that the Moot works either way, preventing from going in and going out

  4. So Trump’s handler, Lavrov, was in town to see how his boy was holding up under the impeachment pressure. WH says it told the Russians to back off re 2020 elections. Yeah, and I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell. Question: Can a sitting president be impeached more than once?

  5. The investigation ultimately led to 34 indictments of individuals, and not a single verdict of “not guilty.” But Barr’s concern is whether there was a sufficient basis to start an investigation that revealed all the criminal activity. What if a detective solved a murder case when he was supposed to be investigating a bank robbery? Would Barr release the murderer and indict the detective? The right wing hates John Brennan. I wonder if they will go after him. (That would lead to the first “not guilty” verdict.)

  6. Do you think it remotely possible that there WAS a group of Intelligence Community leaders who thought Trump was evil and did what they could to disqualify him?…

    In one exchange, Page asked: “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Strzok replied: “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

    Are all Intelligence Community leaders beyond reproach and above the law?

    1. Page and Strzok hardly qualify as IC leaders; they were having an affair, and, in the exchange you quote, Strzok was showing off for his girlfriend.

      The question you should be worried about is: What if Trump is a Russian asset?

      1. The chance of Trump being “a Russian asset” is extremely low – and, not necessary to the big problem. That problem is that Trump will act in his own, personal best interests, and that Russia has a hold over him – most likely something financial. DJT Jr. said (on video and before the 2016 election) that the Trump organization has plenty of mone, from Russian sources. Dot, dot, dot…. If Russia was to pull those funds dot, dot dot…. ‘nough said?

  7. Reading these comments, I just remembered why I don’t comment or read comments anymore. I remain hopeful that this bunch will never reflect our society as a whole….I do enjoy reading Walt’s extensive in-depth reporting on the economy and world affairs, keep up the good work, I enjoy your commentary, even with a little(?) bias in your reporting.

    1. The two times Lavrov has met with Trump in the WH were the day after Trump’s inauguration and the day articles of impeachment against Trump were announced. Crazy, right?

      1. I misspoke: Lavrov first visited the WH the day after Trump fired Comey. In the meeting, Trump told Lavrov, Putin’s subordinate, that Comey “was crazy, a real nut job” and that he “faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s [now] taken off.” The WH refuses to release the readout of that meeting. Crazy, right?

  8. So far our system (democracy, freedom, checks & balances, etc) is bending severely in this storm, but still holding… far.
    At what point does it break? Having such a despicable, lying AG makes you wonder if this is where the system breaks. The courts may be the last hope. Let’s hope the courts aren’t so stacked that they sanction the actual fall.
    This is not a “conservative” vs liberal disagreement because I don’t consider Trump, Republicans, et al conservative – they are not. I don’t know what they are but it’s not Conservative or conservative.

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