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‘The Mafia Couldn’t Kill Me’: Rudy Giuliani Is The Loose End To End All Loose Ends

A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol.
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3 comments on “‘The Mafia Couldn’t Kill Me’: Rudy Giuliani Is The Loose End To End All Loose Ends

  1. Stephen in Canada

    Deeply ironic that having claimed pretty much all the credit for bringing down the New York mafia, Giuliani has become the lawyer and fixer (sic) for the latest “Mafia family” – the Trumps – primarily the Mafia Don himself. Mafia Dons of old and Trump have (at least) one very notable thing in common (and for thew same reason) – that of never allowing themselves to be personally connected to actually giving their orders and therefore effectively claiming immunity for the implementation of those orders. It’s why the RICO laws were developed. “What? are we trying to say “Make them an Offer They Can’t Refuse” is other than a “Perfect” call?

    Rudy may have avoided retaiation by the old mafia, but he would be well advised not to think that means that his current Mafia Don won’t do the job, if , as and when it’s time to protect himself. It is , afterall, Michael Cohen, Rudy’s predecessor who is ijail, not Don Trump… so far, anyway….

  2. Well written weekend reading H…… Kind of a surrealistic take on objective criteria… Kind of tough to comment on all this but what does come to mind is anything objective in this political environment is….. when projected back in the rear view mirror far enough winds up being interlaced with a totally subjective basis…. Guess we have to dwell in the world of fiction for a while to come!!!

  3. Lol nicely done H, nicely done.

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