Giuliani Tapped Network Of Ukrainian Oligarch Firtash For Biden Dirt

In July, Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash tapped an extensive network of contacts in Ukraine to  dig up dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. In and around the same time, Firtash added Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing to his legal team.

Firtash, who resides in Vienna, is charged with conspiracy by the US and is angling to avoid extradition. Late last month, diGenova and Toensing were outed by Fox (a network to which the husband-wife legal duo regularly contribute) as working with Rudy Giuliani in his “off the books” efforts to advance Donald Trump’s agenda.

“The only person in government who knows what they were doing is President Trump”, Chris Wallace said.

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According to one source who spoke to Bloomberg, diGenova and Toensing have collected some $1 million in legal fees from Firtash, a sum that includes payments to Lev Parnas, one of Giuliani’s two Ukraine fixers who were arrested last week trying to leave the country and charged with campaign finance fraud.

Firtash – who has been tied to the Russian mob – stands accused by the US of racketeering.
He was arrested on March 12, 2014, in Vienna and released from custody a little over a week later on $174 million bail and a promise to stay in Austria until the end of extradition proceedings. He denies wrongdoing.

Bloomberg cites a trio of sources in the course of revealing that Firtash’s contacts managed to compel Viktor Shokin – the prosecutor who Joe Biden had removed in keeping with official US policy and with the backing of America’s allies and the IMF – to deliver a witness statement early last month aimed at exonerating Firtash and advancing Giuliani and Trump’s narrative about Hunter Biden.

Giuliani repeatedly cited the statement during a series of paranoid, frantic television interviews which eventually prompted the Biden campaign to demand that he be blackballed by the networks from spreading unfounded conspiracy theories and pushing propaganda to the electorate.

Shokin was apparently told that the statement would not be made public. That’s what you get for trusting Rudy Giuliani, Viktor.

Now, the chances of the Justice department showing mercy on Firtash are essentially zero. “As a result of the publicity Giuliani generated with Shokin’s statement… dropping the case against Firtash… would look like a quid pro quo”, Bloomberg writes.

Naturally, Giuliani says he doesn’t know anything about this. “I have nothing to do with Firtash case”, Rudy said Friday. “Never met him and don’t know him”.

DiGenova and Toensing’s efforts to seek out information on Biden were ostensibly motived by a desire to prove that the case against Firtash was political. Amusingly, he was previously represented by Clinton ally Lanny Davis, who also represented Michael Cohen. (You really can’t make this stuff up.)

For obvious reasons, Firtash determined that hiring diGenova and Toensing gave him a better shot at compelling the Trump Justice department to drop the case. Toensing says she hired Parnas as a translator, despite Firtash having an abundance of those. Firtash claims to have no business relationship with Parnas or Igor Fruman (Because none of these people know each other if you ask them.)

And it gets better (or worse, depending on how you want to look at things). As Bloomberg goes on to write, “diGenova and Toensing’s son Brady Toensing, the former head of the Vermont Republican Party, joined the Justice Department as senior counsel in its Office of Legal Policy in June”.

This story is another potential land mine for Trump. It raises still more questions about just how deep the rabbit hole goes with Giuliani, Parnas, Fruman, diGenova and Toensing. It also conjures uncomfortable issues around foreign campaign contributions.


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  1. drip, drip, drip… a full RICO investigation may be the only way to connect and round up all these shady people who are lead by Mafia Don… Getting full access to his business and financial records will be required. Good luck neighbours.

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