DiGenova, Toensing Outed By Chris Wallace: Pair Worked With Giuliani ‘Off The Books’ For Trump In Biden-Ukraine Scandal

In addition to conducting a devastating interview with Stephen Miller on Sunday, Fox’s Chris Wallace broke major news.

At the top of his show, Fox’s lone credible journalist revealed that Rudy Giuliani wasn’t the only private attorney working with Donald Trump outside of official US government channels to uncover dirt on Joe Biden by soliciting help from foreign governments.

Also in on the action, according to Wallace, husband-wife duo Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, both mainstays on Fox itself. “According to a top US official, [Giuliani, diGenova and Toensing] were working off the books apart from the administration”, Wallace said, adding that “the only person in government who knows what they were doing is President Trump”.


This is, potentially anyway, a big deal.

If true, it means Trump was employing a trio of personal attorneys, who effectively acted as a personal state department for the president, working outside of government channels to compel Ukraine to dig up political dirt on Joe Biden.

Again, we would emphasize that the two are frequent Fox contributors.

Last March, diGenova and Toensing appeared poised to join Trump’s special counsel legal team, but backed out citing conflicts. “The president is disappointed that conflicts prevent diGenova and Toensing from joining the president’s special counsel legal team”, Jay Sekulow said at the time.

This latest development will likely infuriate Democrats, who were already aghast at the prospect of Giuliani functioning as a kind of shadow secretary of state.

Asked by Maria Bartiromo on Sunday if he had worked with other attorneys in an effort to secure information from Ukraine on Biden, Giuliani said “No”.


As you can see, this is falling apart for the president.

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