Supervillain Stephen Miller Decimated By Chris Wallace In Embarrassing Fox Interview

Donald Trump's surrogates made the cable rounds on Sunday as part of an increasingly desperate effort to defend the president following what was easily the worst week of a fraught presidency. The Ukraine scandal has spiraled faster than anyone could have imagined, and now Trump faces an impeachment threat that is far more serious than the Mueller probe. The week ended with a subpoena for Mike Pompeo, reports that Rudy Giuliani and William Barr will likely be called to testify and the resignati

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5 thoughts on “Supervillain Stephen Miller Decimated By Chris Wallace In Embarrassing Fox Interview

  1. It’s mind-boggling that Trump and the dopes around him continue to let Steven Miller appear on national television. The guy is the human version of Roundup (kills everything, including the truth, he comes in contact with).

  2. It is mind boggling my fellow Texans at least those on the right support the enemies of democracy.

    Back in the seventies snake oil salesman like trump and big mouths like miller might find themselves in line for an ass whoopin as members of the public running their mouths the way they do. Now my right leaning Texans get down on their knees and polish the rockets of these men. It makes me sick. Disgraceful! Gutless wonders!

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