Biden Campaign Demands Rudy Giuliani Be Banned From TV For Being Nuts

Joe Biden’s campaign has had enough of Rudy Giuliani.

“We write to demand that in service to the facts, you no longer book Rudy Giuliani, a surrogate for Donald Trump who has demonstrated that he will knowingly and willingly lie in order to advance his own narrative”, Anita Dunn and Kate Bedingfield of Biden for President wrote, in a letter sent to a variety of news outlets (it’s embedded in full below).

Giuliani made three talk show appearances on Sunday and, despite our allegiance to the truth and palpable disdain for those who willingly bend it, we’d be remiss not to note that there is something genuinely sad about Rudy’s mental decline, which the nation is now subjected to on a near daily basis. Here is an example from Sunday, when Giuliani was asked, by George Stephanopoulos, whether he would cooperate when he’s invariably called to testify by the House intelligence committee:


In response to a simple question about whether he would comply, Giuliani launched into an unsolicited defense of his own decision to take on Donald Trump as a client. “Everything I did was to defend my client”, Rudy said, his voice shaking. “I’m proud of what I did, and I’m proud of having uncovered what will turn out to be a massive pay for play scheme”, he went on to allege.

That kind of allegation is precisely why the Biden campaign has demanded Rudy be blackballed by all major media outlets starting now. Here is another passage from the letter:

We are writing today with grave concern that you continue to book Rudy Giuliani on your air to spread false, debunked conspiracy theories on behalf of Donald Trump. While you often fact check his statements in real time during your discussions, that is no longer enough. By giving him your air time, you are allowing him to introduce increasingly unhinged, unfounded and desperate lies into the national conversation.

On Sunday, both Chris Wallace (Fox) and Jake Tapper (CNN) refused to let Stephen Miller and Jim Jordan, respectively, run with the manifestly false narrative that Joe Biden’s efforts to have Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin dismissed were somehow part of a conspiracy.

Hours later, the LA Times published an interview with Shokin’s successor, Yuri Lutsenko, one of the primary sources for Giuliani’s allegations against Joe and Hunter Biden. Lutsenko told the Times that he never had evidence of wrongdoing by the vice president or his family.

“I told him I could not start an investigation just for the interests of an American official”, Lutsenko said of his conversations with Giuliani, who Lutsenko described as “obsessed” with Biden and his son.

In response to a request for comment from The Daily Beast, Giuliani claimed the Biden campaign’s letter to the media is an example of another conspiracy. “Sounds like the usual left wing censorship”, he said. “Everything I say is supported by… affidavits and statements”.

He then made another unfounded accusation. “They are the ones who have covered up pay for  play for at least 5 years”.

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