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Nomura’s McElligott: Here’s What Caused The ‘Sling-Shot Move’ In US Equities

"Melt-up flows".

"Melt-up flows".
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4 comments on “Nomura’s McElligott: Here’s What Caused The ‘Sling-Shot Move’ In US Equities

  1. PaulMiller

    Sanskrit is more easily deciphered than Charilie’s notes.

    • Sometimes I think the computers have actually taken over the trading systems and we are all Dinosaurs …..trying to make sense out of the arbitrary…

  2. vicissitude

    It’s hard to believe that this much volatility will result in sustainable gains, but then again, the computers love ups and downs. The volatility at the end of last year was dramatic and the trump economy set new records with stocks being down at record levels … I recall reading something about the Titanic — anyway it would be nice if some super pro had a take on how whipsaw volatility normally plays out in annual terms. Additionally the clown MAGA economy performance still lags Obama performance by miles!

    Volatility spikes @ FRED:

  3. Hey, I just want to thank thank you so much for taking the time to translate these notes for us. I absolutely love the website in general, and it is helping my trading to boot. Thank you!

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