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Boris Johnson Racks Up More Losses In Absurd Quest For Brexit

Let the farce continue.

Let the farce continue.
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2 comments on “Boris Johnson Racks Up More Losses In Absurd Quest For Brexit

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard it said that most economic expansions are ultimately undone by policy mistakes. I’ve been keeping a running tally for this cycle. Here’s what I’ve got so far. Please feel free to add any that I have missed…
    (1) ZIRP & NIRP left in place for far too long.
    (2) German insistence on a balanced budget (i.e. no fiscal stimulus of any kind).
    (3) Brexit and the ongoing sh*t show in the UK.
    (4) Trump crashing out of the TPP.
    (5) Trump’s trade war with China.
    (6) Fed allowing the 3-month/10-year spread to remain inverted for nearly 4 months.
    (7) Trump bashing the Fed on a weekly basis.
    (8) Trump still having access to his Twitter app.
    (9) Trump not having been institutionalized 2 years ago.
    (10) ???

  2. Mt Math says:

    Trump meddling in the 99% agreed USMDA causing enough delay for no material benefit and missing the window in the 1st two years when the GOP controlled both the House and Senate.

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