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Apple Has $200 Billion In Cash – But It’s Borrowing $7 Billion Anyway

A sign of the times...

A sign of the times...
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3 comments on “Apple Has $200 Billion In Cash – But It’s Borrowing $7 Billion Anyway

  1. Harvey Cotton

    I would like an explanation of why Apple is paying any premium over Treasurys. It is the equivalent of a G20 country with a New Zealand worth of cash reserves. It could create its own digital currency within weeks, and if you had to bet your kids, which entity would you wager will redeem its obligations anywhere close to real face value in 2049?

  2. Meanwhile, trillions of useless student loan dollars are quietly gathering interest at 6% rate with politicians simply pushing the doomsday scenario forward. And one wonders how QE didn’t trickle down to the working class level

  3. Poor liq­uid­ity = harder to buy or sell as­sets on demand (dif­fer­ence be­tween buy & sell prices in open mar­ket can be so far apart that fair level isn’t clear, or there can be too few con­tracts of stocks or de­riv­a­tives avail­able to buy or sell at de­sired price
    Posted by Liz Ann Sonders on Twitter

    I thought it was interesting as you penned an article about two years a go on liquidity (lack of) in time of urgency.

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