Trump Wanted To Double Tariffs On China, Had To Be Talked Down By ‘Multiple CEOs’

Trump Wanted To Double Tariffs On China, Had To Be Talked Down By ‘Multiple CEOs’

In yet another bit of incrementally disconcerting trade news, Donald Trump wanted to double existing tariffs on China last month after Beijing retaliated to the duties announced on August 1. In the days leading up to China's August 23 decision to hit $75 billion in US goods with tariffs, Trump indicated he did not expect Beijing to hit back after his latest broadside. That assumption proved to be misguided. It's not clear why Trump believed China would sit on its hands. After all, the tariffs a
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4 thoughts on “Trump Wanted To Double Tariffs On China, Had To Be Talked Down By ‘Multiple CEOs’

  1. The reality here is, the longer he stays out on the ledge howling at Macbethian witches and inner demons — calls to semi-sane GOP comrades will be more common place — and this is a sign that somewhere, deep inside the GOP bowel, fermentative coalescence will gel and there will be some inkling of fragmented thoughts that will be suggestive that trump the madman isn’t going to really help the future the GOP party. While it may be true that trumps Kool-Aid Guzzling kkk followers will vote for him, even if he shoots babies, that core group of retarded hillbillies as a percent of eligible voters might account for a handful of very small backwoods counties that are infested with inbred kin that are currently hiding from the law.

    1. I don’t know. It could be a contrived story to provide credibility and eventually cover. The message: I am intelligent enough to listen to the inferior business community. The cover: I should not have listened to them and we would have won. This “news” is not news, it is a con job. Those CEO’s are just as crooked as their mob boss.

  2. I seems to me this is all a clear sign that Trump is drunk on power. This is the one thing he can control himself, and his “there must be winners and losers” strategy will cause him to do whatever he wants until he “wins” even though he may be the only one left standing surrounded by devastation.
    It’s a terrifying thing to watch.

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