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Trump Disappoints Disciples, Cops To Faking ‘Chosen One’, Messiah Status

"They knew the TRUTH".

"They knew the TRUTH".
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3 comments on “Trump Disappoints Disciples, Cops To Faking ‘Chosen One’, Messiah Status

  1. Harvey Cotton

    Okay, at the risk of being pedantic and introducing theological concepts to a geopolitical and finance forum, but Jews do not believe in either the “first coming of God,” which would be Jesus, or that their Messiah would be any type of God, much less incarnate in the form of Donald Jerome Trump. This is bad Christianity and even worse Judaism. This is symptomatic of just how broken theism in America is.

  2. Lie Detector

    The truth is often inconvenient!

    In the retail shop operated by the Trump Organization in the back of Trump’s D.C. hotel, golf caps and travel coffee mugs emblazoned with the Trump name and made in China are still offered for sale, alongside other products produced in Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries.

  3. heterogenesis

    Vast wealth brings many privileges, and it will continue to do so even if progressive Democrats win big next year. What wealth doesn’t bring is the right to let self-indulgence turn you into a useful idiot, lending aid and comfort to a movement that’s trying to destroy America as we know it.


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