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On Wall Street, A Summer Meltdown

... stunned traders, disillusioned investors and indifferent algos looked haplessly to one another for answers. 

... stunned traders, disillusioned investors and indifferent algos looked haplessly to one another for answers. 
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9 comments on “On Wall Street, A Summer Meltdown

  1. Anonymous

    Tariff Man just upped the %’s on the existing and upcoming China tariffs. Look out EU leaders this weekend! One wrong move and Trump is going to use his Tariff Ray on you…!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Long overdue lots more hot air in stocks. FANGMAN stocks are still way way way overvalued

  3. A 25 bp cut will have little positive effect on this dynamic, and may have a greater negative signaling effect (two types of signaling, to investors and to Trump). Ditto 50 and even 75.

  4. If I remember my Mythology there was this Greek Youth called Icarus and Daedalus ( I think his father) and they were trapped in Ctete in a Tower so they thought they could make wings and fly out ..Seems the wax melted on Icarus’s wings because he got to close to the Sun and he perished… Kind of reminds me of Trump and this bubble that really isn’t a bubble….lol

  5. Hey, the weekend is just getting started. Trump and his band of sycophantic fools will be at the G7 over the weekend, and the only person there less popular than Trump will be Peter Navarro. (If he makes it; rumor has it that’s he’s been ordered to fly coach.) What could go wrong? Dow futures down 550+ at the moment.

  6. (Dear H. Thanks for this marvelous platform. You need to add edit functionality for comments. Thank you in advance.)

  7. 5% tariff on US Oil imports is the first step in what I believe is the true nuclear option for China: buying oil from Iran. End game for this scenario is a trump impeachment. China buys oil from Iran —> trump threatens war with China —> the new-fascist party controlling the Senate finally does their job and agrees to support impeachment.

  8. Anonymous

    Trump’s retaliation is pretty tepid (5%) and no pulling the Dec tarrifs closer and markets will see it as a sign he really wants deal to save his 2020 chances. Of course the “deal” will be neutral to negative for the US but he will pitch it as a win. His only hope is to end this so a recession is avoided (still can be done)

  9. The die has been cast… as far as 2020 recession is concerned….Trump Toast anyone?

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