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Peter Navarro Guarantees Bull Market ‘Through 2020 And Beyond’, Pre-Announces Fed Cuts On ABC

"What I can tell you with certainty"...

"What I can tell you with certainty"...
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6 comments on “Peter Navarro Guarantees Bull Market ‘Through 2020 And Beyond’, Pre-Announces Fed Cuts On ABC

  1. I agree with most of the “What’s next…” Scenario.

    I would add this. Around the 6 month mark, Navarro will be on the way to being thrown under the bus, and it will be inevitable, as the poll numbers show, that it will be “impossible” for Trump to be re-elected. He will either drop out or be forced out in favor of someone like Ryan, or he will create a crisis that will scare the electorate and/or mount a disinformation campaign of biblical proportion that will muddy the election water.

    If he loses, given the above, he will say the election was “crooked and rigged” and will literally have to be carried out of the White House by U.S. Marshals. He has figured out that our system of “Checks and Balances” are paper thin with no teeth. He will just say no.

  2. Here’s what I don’t understand about the way the Administration is handling the China trade war.

    Think of an actual war. FDR didn’t claim that fighting Japan and Germany would be easy. He said the burden would be great, but it was worth it and we could get through it. The government usually doesn’t argue that a war has no cost in dollars or lives, but that it is worth the cost.

    Trump sends officials to go on TV to claim that the trade war has no impact. Why don’t they go on TV and explain what they are fighting for? They can argue that a short term sacrifice is worth the long term gain. That can be debated, but isn’t that the debate they want? Instead they argue that there is no impact or cost, which runs counter to the facts and destroys their credibility for when they want to argue that it’s worth the cost. And they don’t try or do a terrible job of explaining what they are fighting for, perhaps because only Lighthizer understands, and he doesn’t go on TV much.

    • This has been a trend in post-war US administrations. The American people are told that starting X won’t cost much in lives or treasure, later they are told that ending X will cost greatly in lives and treasure.

  3. Now THAT I want to see. US Marshalls turfing Trumps stuff onto Pennsylvania Avenue and kicking the family out of the White House so the real President can move in. And it would even be better if there was someone waiting with a warrant for his arrest. If we get notice of this happening beforehand the TV audience would be YUGE. Now this would be the ‘BIGGEST AUDIENCE EVER’. He would finally be right.

    • The highest watched ‘perp walk’ in history.

      Besides Navarro et all leaving the WH with knives in their backs (per the Kuper cartoon used by the ‘Mooch’ recently), at a Trump ‘rally’ last week, Trump rolled out his next ‘big idea’ that he might ‘call off’ the 2020 election if it’s not trending his way. I guess he’s thinking the white nationalists would show up with weapons to defend him. If that wouldn’t be an impeachable offense (annulling the 2020 election), I don’t know what would be!

      • It’s hard to see 2020 going well. If Trump wins, he thinks he’s been elected a dictator, a thought he already has to be disabused of often. If he loses and carries out any of his threats about remaining, it’s a crisis. If he loses and goes out “willingly,” as long as he has a Twitter feed he de-legitimizes and sabotages the next administration. Not a crisis, per se, but destabilizing and permission granting to fringe groups like Q-Anon. Of course the market will go down in such uncertainty, giving him ammo for, “I told you so.”

        Even a conviction of impeachment by Republican Senate (I don’t see it) keeps Twitter feed in his hand.

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