Boris Johnson And Other Fun Tuesday Notables

Boris Johnson And Other Fun Tuesday Notables

There are a smattering of notables on Tuesday, despite a dearth of stories that anyone would call "surprising". Boris Johnson is set to be UK Prime Minister, as expected, after winning the Tory vote. He'll need to negotiate a new Brexit deal with Brussels in under 100 days or risk crashing out of the bloc without a deal at the end of October. This is obviously a cartoonish outcome befitting of the Austin Powers-esque world in which we now live, but it was a foregone conclusion. Still, the inev
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2 thoughts on “Boris Johnson And Other Fun Tuesday Notables

  1. Yields are so low that even junk bonds now have negative rates

    More should be written about this and how it will cause a monumental collapse in the bond market

    1. Collapse how? Because investors will no longer lend at these ridiculous low rates? Or is there another piece of this story?

      I’m not disagreeing with you by the way. I’m just curious what the end-game is so to speak.

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