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Trump Falsely Claims He’s God’s Economic Gift To Minnesota After Losing Mind Over Omar Airport Video

"We are going to continue being a nightmare to this president".

"We are going to continue being a nightmare to this president".
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7 comments on “Trump Falsely Claims He’s God’s Economic Gift To Minnesota After Losing Mind Over Omar Airport Video

  1. Rep. Omar has more stones than the entire Republic congressional caucus (minus Jason Amash) combined. Having sold its sous to Cheetohlini and his Svengali, Steven Miller, GOP is heading for a thrashing in 2020.

    • we can only hope the midterms are an indication of what is to come for the party of trump (the GOP does not exist anymore) in 2020- with a special shout out to Mitch McConnel who by the way is very vulnerable in 2020

      • Robert Falcone

        It’s really just gotten out of hand now. I’m not even sure what the republican party is anymore. Not wanting to take care of 9/11 first responders, racking up debt, anti-education, anti-conservation… Its dissapointing because were now breeding morons who are allowed to think what they believe carries more merit than evidence.

        • yeah, exactly. there’s nothing about this administration’s policies that is consistent with GOP orthodoxy other than tax cuts and even those are debt-funded and implemented at the wrong time (i.e., front-loaded when the economy was already doing well and the labor market was already hot as opposed to just letting the economy do what it was clearly inclined to do anyway and save the fiscal stimulus for later when it might help Republicans hang onto the White House and/or Congress). and this thing where Trump is pushing the GOP away from military alliances and pandering to dictators is the opposite of what you’d expect from a Republican president. we focus on lengthy analysis and throw in charts and political theory, but as this comment makes abundantly clear, the simple fact of the matter is that there is no Republican party anymore. it’s not clear what this thing Trump is the head of is, but it is not the GOP. throw in the fact that Trump’s pretensions to Christian values are wholly laughable, and you’ve got a completely ridiculous situation that makes no sense whatsoever unless you explain it by congressional republicans just wanting to hang onto their seats, which is apparently all that matters. although even there, i’m not sure why bother because what’s the point of being a Republican congressman/woman when the party isn’t even the party anymore? why not just leave congress and go make millions in the private sector as every Republican Rep. could undoubtedly do

        • Billy Oxygen

          Not sure where you live but i am surrounded. They call themselves conservatives. They think they are being victimized by the homeless, the disabled, and the poor. There fear that the loss of their culture is imminent and they expect it should not only be protected from the evil left; but it is perfectly fine if their culture is subsidized.

          I am not an exemplary Christian, yet even i am very disappointed in my brothers and sisters. Many of them cannot keep from espousing their scorn. I cant try to reason with them all. If I want to be treated well during my health care visit, best not tell the gaggle of nurses what i really feel about their loud conversation regarding the confederate flag. They are SO oppressed.

          If you are isolated from the hot breath of this beast, consider yourself lucky.

          • You know I used to work in a large metropolitan area. We had a ton of homeless people. The gal I commuted with was about 15 years older than I was at the time. She used to recite ” there by the grace of God go I” whenever we would pass a homeless encampment. It still pops in my mind under the same circumstances years later. They same people whining about “charity” wouldn’t whine one second if they ended up in a situation of needing assistance.

  2. I don’t know. There’s millions of dollars brought into Washington DC every year by lobbyists that somehow get absorbed into the increasing wealth of most politicians to the detriment of the general masses.

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