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The Fed’s New Job: Financing Rationality Deficits

Contesting exaptation.

Contesting exaptation.
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5 comments on “The Fed’s New Job: Financing Rationality Deficits

  1. monkfelonious

    “Rationality deficits.” Young man, you have coined the ne plus ultra phrase that describes our situation. A hat tip…

  2. Anonymous

    Most of us don’t even know what to pay our attention to. So, you better read these posts before you are a week late on catching something really big.

  3. Kocic gets the credit.. i just highlighted it and elaborated

  4. Anonymous

    Amazing we actually have to be thinking this way.

    Causes businesses to reassess and for multiples to have a discount (higher ERP).

  5. That published elsewhere article (mentioned) also had a discussion pertaining to facts where veracity was in dispute… The real issue is the integrity of the root data which defines fact. If fact is assumed to mean someones interpretation of commonly accepted data (employment data , inflation data as primary examples) which can be presented to sway an argument in any direction it does not meet the objectivity test. This is the primary reason the market sometimes leaves everyone clueless . The facts came from a self serving source…
    None the less we all enjoy reading subjectively based posts and the corresponding comments to try to get a sense for this ongoing Drama…

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