The Fog Of (Cold) War

The Fog Of (Cold) War

These are the bad times. "Some US politicians are trying to incite a technology cold war" in hopes of impeding the development of other nations, the People's Daily said Thursday. The Party mouthpiece accused the Trump administration of attempting to enforce US tech hegemony. "Where is the market economy they flaunted?", the commentary derisively chides. "Where is the free trade they advertised?" That was hardly the end of it. Another column in the Party's flagship megaphone finds the People's
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3 thoughts on “The Fog Of (Cold) War

  1. T RUMP is closing the jackknife on his own finger. I find it very confusing when we have an administration that tells half truths and outright lies…..that’s the roblem with so many lies….truth gets lost among them. Personally I will be relieved to have a President who does not negoiate our foreign policy by tweet.

  2. We are where we are in this scenario and so the question becomes “what came first the Chicken or the Egg”?? That is to say “Trump or his Base” … the irrational disenfranchised group that sees their lifestyle and position of the last 6 decades irrevocably eroding. These things do not happen randomly and without reason..Dems /Reps both played a part here and the solution may be neither…if this cycle is to be reversed. History is trying to repeat itself..!!!

    1. I would agree and say “the base” came first. The problems in the heartland of lost jobs and stagnant wages are real. But sadly they are unable to identify the best way forward. Trump was not the way

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