Make Farmers Bailed Out Again.

I'm out of farmer jokes. And not because there aren't plenty to be had. It's certainly not for lack of satirical flair. Rather, I'm out of farmer jokes because what Donald Trump is doing to US agriculture isn't funny anymore. I suppose it was never funny, but in the initial stages of the trade war, it was tempting to say that anyone (farmers included) who supported the president's manifestly wrong-headed policies got what they deserved. Now, though, I'm reminded of how you might feel about s
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3 thoughts on “Make Farmers Bailed Out Again.

  1. Smoking or drinking Scotch doesn’t enhance white nationalism, cause border crises, create immigration goon squads, inflict cruelty to migrants and asylum seekers, or recklessly kill civilians in endless wars. Zero sympathy for Trump voters ever, be and glee for Trump voters who are the victims of Trump policies Trump voters voted for.

  2. If you wanted to be a conspiracy theorist and you thought that the American (or Global) Oligarchy wanted to find a way to regain control of society from those pesky educated voters, decimating the arga business of the bread basket of the world then consolidation of ownership at depressed prices to only a few players would be a pretty effective strategy.

    Investing billions of dollars of resources into a cyber psychological warfare campaign targeted at the less educated and more bigoted minority of the population that due to an inherently flawed system happens to vote representing the most land and thus controls the federal government despite being the minority of the population; well that would be another effective strategy.

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