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Steve Mnuchin To Congress: Crimes Are Legal Now

Rashida Tlaib's advice: "Get a lawyer".

Rashida Tlaib's advice: "Get a lawyer".
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4 comments on “Steve Mnuchin To Congress: Crimes Are Legal Now

  1. If the supreme court backs DJT then we’re all going to have to face the fact that for all intents and purposes the country is a dictatorship and remedying that situation will be non-trivial.

    • Anonymous

      Trump and the Republican Senate have approved federal and SC judges regardless of competency or fitness on the basis that they’ll support POTUS and any Republican policy. Trump has boasted as such.

  2. My neck is sore from shaking my head side to side as I watch and listen to this administration…

  3. Makes you wonder how many people in the administration, Congress, and the Supreme Court really are on Putin’s payroll. Kevin McCarthy copped to two — Trump and Rohrbacher. But then, we haven’t heard boo from McCarthy in months.

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