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Steve Mnuchin Agrees To Fall On Tax Return Grenade For Trump

"...what’s unprecedented is this Secretary refusing to comply with our lawful, Article I request".

Donald Trump spent most of Monday running around in his "tariff man" costume and focusing on how best to go about tanking global markets in the course of inexplicably reigniting the trade war with China, but that doesn't mean the president didn't make time for his favorite hobby: Obstructing justice. It's been more than a month since Richard Neal formally requested six years of Trump's tax returns and over the course of the last four weeks, Steve Mnuchin has generally stuck to the script. Although the treasury secretary claimed he would act in accordance with the law, it became apparent early on that he had every intention of stonewalling Ways and Means on the excuse that turning over the president's returns would set a "dangerous precedent". Mnuchin has been assisted in his efforts by the usual suspects. Mick Mulvaney, for instance, said Democrats would "never" see Trump's returns and Maria Bartiromo did her part too, hosting Mnuchin for a silly interview two weeks back, during which the former CNBC "money honey"-turned sycophant asked the treasury secretary a series of softball questions which Steve promptly knocked out of the park. Sarah Sanders took things up another notch, i
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4 comments on “Steve Mnuchin Agrees To Fall On Tax Return Grenade For Trump

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did he see what happened vto Michael Cohen for ‘protecting’ Trump. The Donald didn’t lift a finger to help Michael after 10 years of lying and ‘gooning’ for Trump. The Secretary of the Treasury won’t look good in the contempt of Congress jump suit either.

  2. Mikey Mike says:

    Still waiting for the Dems to actually DO ANYTHING to hold Trump’s feet to the fire, other than talk. You could argue his feet are in fact IN the fire, but to be honest they’re wrestling w/ a pig, and the pig likes it.

    Art of the Deal: request or require impossible terms, then settle for less. And sue, and counter-sue. Rinse. Repeat.

    I’d like to see them all locked up for conspiracy to commit fraud or obstruction or whatever, but the Dems can’t even get them to appear…

    Meanwhile I’m sure Trump’s supporters gaze at him thru their Fox News broadcasts w/ love hearts in their eyes…

  3. monkfelonoius says:

    I think all of this (subpoenas) is where the wheels meet the asphalt, meaning the Supremes. If they back Turdwattles, it’s game over and we no longer live in the world we did a mere two years ago in terms of law. If that travesty comes to pass we are all screwed. Why would anyone want to be lawful afterwards?

  4. PaulMiller says:

    I think that Mueller had the power to investigate Trumps finances, at least with respect to dealings with the Russians. I have not read his redacted report, but I suspect that no material evidence of a crime was uncovered. Therefore, I think that a Congressional subpoena will be challenged in the courts (as a “witch hunt”), and will be denied on the grounds that there is insufficient evidence that a crime has been committed. This is a legal protection that all of us conservatives, liberals, and apathetics enjoy.

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