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Matteo Salvini Will ‘Spend Everything He Should’ And If You Don’t Like It, ‘That’s Not His Concern’

"Shouting our mouths off."

"Shouting our mouths off."
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4 comments on “Matteo Salvini Will ‘Spend Everything He Should’ And If You Don’t Like It, ‘That’s Not His Concern’

  1. The ironic thing is Salvini is right about one thing- the EU does need to relax their fiscal rules somewhat. In an ideal world the northern European countries would spend more and tax less (Germany should run a bigger deficit for instance) It would benefit Germany as well as others in the block since Germany is skirting with recession themselves. The grand bargain for italy would be to reform some labor, banking and other laws in exchange for relaxing fiscal rules for them. But that won’t happen- the EU is too rigid for that.

    • Oh, he’s got a lot more sense than Trump, and he’s definitely half-right in some of his criticism re: ECB and Brussels. the problem, obviously, is that he’s a right-wing nationalist and a borderline fanatic, which means that if somebody doesn’t rein him in, Italy is going to have bigger problems on its hands than a wider budget deficit before it’s all said and done.

      • I can not understand why some people see Salvini as a threat just for being from a so called party. ” right-wing nationalist and a borderline fanatic” ?? I do not see the reason for segregating him, I do not think he is a fanatic, he has a lot of conviction in what he believes, he is the kind of man Italy needed to assert itself, since the EU with its rules has damaged us enormously throughout the years. I believe Salvini is doing a great job. Bravo Salvini!

        • lol.doesn’t sound like you know a lot about Salvini. he’s a bigot and a fascist. he’s called for “neighborhood-by-neighborhood” ethnic cleansing, for example. methinks you should read a bit more about him before you say “Bravo”. my guess is you’ll be appalled.

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