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Trump V. Cummings: Naturally, US President Sues Black Man For Asking About His Finances

Because this is what one does, when one has nothing to hide.

Because this is what one does, when one has nothing to hide.
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10 comments on “Trump V. Cummings: Naturally, US President Sues Black Man For Asking About His Finances

  1. Lock him up.

  2. Lol. The fact that Trump is so determined to stop Dems from accessing his financial records/tax returns screams he has something to hide. I just remember when the request for his tax returns came up, the tone of his tweets decidedly changed, flavored by fear and concern. I suspect it will be game over when these are released, as the illusion of this rich, successful businessman is utterly shattered within his base.

    At this point, Nancy Pelosi should just go to Trump and say, “look, with the Mueller report and subpoenas on your financial records, we’ve got you dead-to-rights. We will drop these inquiries into your finances but we now own you. You will not run in 2020, you will not try to bypass Congress, and you will not make any further major decisions through executive orders, but for the good of the country, we will not impeach you. If you don’t agree with these terms, we will proceed to acquire/release your tax records and financial documents, prosecute your and your family if we find any criminal activity, and will impeach you. Question is, do you want to save what’s left of your name, or do you want to destroy your family legacy for good? We’re good either way. We effectively own you now.”

  3. What a miserable bunch you are…has Trump destroyed your life in just two years? Or did this psychological Armageddon occur on that cataclysmic day that he won the election. Can at least a few of you get over it and start a new, productive, and unobsessed life? Love to hear from you after you get out of treatment.

    • Dumb post. Trump is impacting your life whether you want to admit it or not. Removing US influence abroad, pulling out of international agreements, funneling money to the rich, etc. These are all things that have a direct consequence on not only the US but all western nations and economies, yours included.

      You would just let Trump go and do whatever he wants? If most of the US population was like you, it was have fallen to this wannabe-aristocracy awhile ago. The fact there are so many people like you (his base) is why this situation was able to happen in the first place.

      • Oh enlightened one, dig a little deeper. You have yourself believing that we were doing fine before the great disrupter won, and Hillary would have been good president, carrying on with the business as usual establishment corruption and “teflon” unaccountable conduct. Don’t think so…. Like I said, get back to when you get out of treatment.

        • Lol. One thing has nothing to do with the other, but if you insist on going down that route, had Hillary been elected, the US probably wouldn’t be paying out record amounts in interest payments, would still be part of a climate accord, would have trade deals with most of Asia, we wouldn’t of had this massive sham with N.Korea, social programs wouldn’t have taken a cut, wouldn’t have a manufactured crisis of migrants, and you wouldn’t be talking about building a giant wall along the southern border. We also wouldn’t have been sensitized to the political circus that has been all forms of media for the past 3 years. Maybe the only real ‘win’ is maybe better trade terms with China, but that’s not even finalized and there’s plenty of time for Trump to fuck that up.

          Point is, things wouldn’t be perfect, but you seem to be arguing that it wouldn’t matter if Trump was elected or not, we would have the same outcome. Extremely naive. But hey, you can always fall back at throwing insults about ‘treatment’ to make yourself feel better about being a moron.

  4. Anonymous

    The amount of money Trump makes from his trips to Mar a Lago should be enough to accuse him of contravening the emolument rules. In fact, I’ve read that the State even pays for his food, occupation and service there as well as his Secret Service contingent. That’s without including his sons costs.

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