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Obstruction, Public Corruption, Abuses Of Power: House Judiciary Committee Begins Long Journey To Impeachment

"Investigating these threats to the rule of law is an obligation of Congress."

"Investigating these threats to the rule of law is an obligation of Congress."
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12 comments on “Obstruction, Public Corruption, Abuses Of Power: House Judiciary Committee Begins Long Journey To Impeachment

  1. Go, Jerry, go.

  2. Billy Oxygen

    Thank you. Seeing is believing.

  3. Well!
    It’s about time somebody found their balls and decided to do the job that temporary contract government employees are hired to do.
    Finally I get to see tax dollars at work where the US isn’t just killing people to shrink the labor pool.
    Looting the working and sales side of the government is no longer working, and tRumps cult is the last of that “Cold War” mentality.

    • And to those who are offended – tough shit.
      I planted yard signs for Nixon and still voted R for 35 years. Then I witnessed the most egregious example of “Wag the Dog” when they ran the camera shoot of “Mission Accomplished” TWICE because the camera angles weren’t right. I’m done being played, pushed around, milked by this country that tell itself it’s #1, when in reality it’s 17th at best.
      If you have no sense of history know this, tRumps the fall guy for the next economic “bust”.

  4. This list is a veritable who’s who of people involved with the President in all facets of his life – before, during, and after his campaign for the White House.

    House Judiciary Committee Document Requests 3.4.19
    Mar 4, 2019

    A copy of each individual/organization’s letter
    A copy of each individual/organization’s document request

  5. Billy Oxygen

    Thumbs up!

  6. Mikey Mike

    Trumps a lying sack of shit, and likely should be in prison. HOWEVER, any apparent ‘over-reach’ on the Dems part will so infuriate even centrist Repubs, combined w/ the seeming-embrace of socialist ‘tendencies’ of recent popular Dems… and IMO you’re looking at ‘4 more yrs’ of Trumpdom.

    There’s a needle to be threaded, to put America back on stable, reasonable footing. Try to hard tho, and Dems will likely lose middle-America and just fuck it up in general.

    I hope they figure it out before they get too giddy.

    Find crimes, get charges filed by prosecutors, and put folks in prison, including Trump if possible. But putting all your eggs in the ‘impeachment backet’ will likely backfire imo. Bigly.

    • Billy Oxygen

      I agree with your assessment, I hope it changes in the near future. The non Fox News media has had an air if; trying to thread a needle on a windy point at dusk,about them. That is not their fault. Here’s to responsible officials threading needles indoors under good light.

    • IF they follow Pelosi’s lead, there will be no impeachment and they better listen to her! Besides, impeachment is the easy way out for him and he deserves hard core not easy peasy!

  7. No point asking Donnie Jnr for documents, they ll got destroyed in a fire that followed a flood that destroyed everything and the cat ate the USB dongle-thingies. Sorry!

  8. Classic Handsome Threesome.

    Request for Documents.
    The root “for” all evil doers.

    Request documents from evildoers, and most of the dummies will figure out a way to alter, destroy, mutilate, conceal, cover up, falsify, etc., requested documents and get caught doing so, only to get charged with 1. Obstruction, 2. Destruction of evidence, and 3. Perjury for testifying falsely about the documents.

    Like bees to honey.


    And there are plenty on the list of 81.

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