‘Growth-Phobiacs’ And Rates That Will ‘Never Rise Again’

‘Growth-Phobiacs’ And Rates That Will ‘Never Rise Again’

If you ask the President of the United States, what's needed right now when it comes to US monetary policy is a resumption of large-scale asset purchases. Here, we'll let him explain it to you (again):   Now, sure, it's entirely possible that Trump's understanding of "quantitative easing" is limited to knowing it's the opposite of "quantitative tightening", and since the latter was ostensibly bad for stocks and the economy in Q4, the former must, by definition, be
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3 thoughts on “‘Growth-Phobiacs’ And Rates That Will ‘Never Rise Again’

  1. Well you knew we had to get here. There is no as in zero push back from any republican in office today. One, their chickenshts and two, their chickenshts. Oh I don’t want to get on the wrong side of voters who really don’t care about Amerika, most of them want the whole place to blow-up and the rest want power to stay in the hands of their corporate masters. It’s a lose, lose situation and the question now is how well will or if we survive this incompetent bunch of greedy grifters.

  2. So true.
    However, the last person with the audacity to do that seems to have been Gary Cohn and he’s left long ago. (feels like centuries, actually)

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