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The Unfathomable Stupidity Of Stephen Moore

"Why didn’t we make him Fed chair?"

"Why didn’t we make him Fed chair?"
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7 comments on “The Unfathomable Stupidity Of Stephen Moore

  1. Anonymous

    A regular apologist, oops, I mean panelist, on Real Time, Stephen Moore has proven himself time and time again to be a buffoon of epic proportions.

  2. Anonymous

    This post covers some ground. H is the best bet if you want a multidimensional aggregation of perspectives. I would just add, that isn’t a journalist that writes fact free prose about the economy always going to be at the top of a Trump short list?

    I would add that a few of us said, over 18 months ago,that Powell would use employment to justify too many hikes. That summary is being very kind to these PhDs at the FED, who need to improve their dynamic modeling, Nobel prize or not.

  3. It’s fitting that it was (non-economist Chief Economic Advisor) Kudlow who recommended (non-economist, Chief Economist at the Heritage Fndn) Moore to Trump.

    I didn’t realize that claiming to be an “Economist” is as easy and unchallenged as someone unemployed can claim to be a “Consultant”

    • Yeah. And see that’s what’s so damn disconcerting about Moore. You may well think economics is a bullshit “science”, but that doesn’t mean we want people just running around calling themselves “economists” with impunity.

      I mean, I think psychology (as distinct, of course, from psychiatry) is a bullshit “science” but I damn sure don’t want to find out that random people are setting up shop and calling themselves “psychologists” when they aren’t.

  4. Lance Manly

    You can dis Moore as much as you like. But Herman Cain gave us the best campaign commercial ever. The from the leather skinned smoking guy with rotting teeth to the oddly creepy slow smile. Best ever.

  5. I actually spilled coffee on my shirt when I read, “The market equivalent of a self-lubricating catheter commercial.” That’s pretty inspired for a Saturday morning!

    • Yes! Just read the post and was about to comment myself. H strikes again. Indeed, has he pioneered a new frontier of descriptive speech? I am, admitedly, a poor student of English. Of course, absent the use of “like” or “as” this is not a simile. Since H did not state that IBD “IS” a self-lubricating catheter this isn’t a metaphor either – despite the image of uretheral agony which it conveys. So, is following the subject of the description with a parenthesized statement using “equivalent of…” or “equivalent to…” a new discriptor? Has H pioneered the “equivale?” And can we expect to see “IBD (the equivalent of a self-lubricating catheter)” as an example of such in future grammer books?

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