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As Turkey Sees First Recession In A Decade, Let’s Get You Up To Speed On All The Latest

Meanwhile, from the Erdogan chronicles...

Meanwhile, from the Erdogan chronicles...
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8 comments on “As Turkey Sees First Recession In A Decade, Let’s Get You Up To Speed On All The Latest

  1. Anonymous

    Erdogan is an Islamic dictator hell bent on bringing the secular republic on it’s knees. Sadly, he is half way there. His appointment of his idiot son-in law; Albayrak is another notch in demise of Turkish economic system. He has no clue like all those who are in power as they are filling their personal fortunes on the back of the economically and politically suffering population.
    The upcoming municipal elections are destined to be mired in fraud as it has been in the past. The entire resources of government is being used to prop up the AKP candidates and stop the opposition by police force if necessary god forbid that they hold a political rally. Offices of the oppposition parties are being shot at and burned. Anyone who is not behind Erdogan and AKP being labeled as infidel and terrorist sympatiser.
    It will be a much hoped miracle if the opposition prevails in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, largest population centers.
    Good wishes to the secular Turks and rest of the country. I am hoping and praying for the miracle!

    • Anonymous

      Suffering population? What are you on about?
      What is an “Islamic dictator”? The “secular republic” you are referring to was a military dictatorship. Today Turkey is secular as far as the seperation of state and religion goes, but Turkey belongs to whomever is there and has lived there for centuries Turks Greeks Armenians Kurds Bosniaks Albanians, Muslims Christians Jews and atheists, it thankfully does not belong any more to intolerant ass holes such as yourself that ban a language to be spoken or naming your children Greek and Armenian names, or being a muslim or whatever. If their government is made of muslims that is what the country’s population reflects, they don’t have to choose Sisi or Mubarak to satisfy the point of view of people like you. Turkey was a third world country under the dictatorship of the military, where the fuck have you been all this time? Ever been to Turkey, go see what AKP has done for the country. There is a difference between being against Erdogan and his policies and being an intolerant extremist regardless if it is religious or secular in nature, you clearly belong to the second group.

  2. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Erdogan has to be careful when engaging CBT. He does it too much, the resulting pain could choke off growth and lead to future impotence.

  3. “Is Erdogan a tyrant?” arguments are the best arguments.

    • Pell Rick

      There’s nothing to argue about here…Erdogan is a “thug-like” Napoleon Bonaparte reincarnated and throws anyone who would disagree with him in prison. He feels like he’s some sort of present day God and should be regarded as such. What he really seems to have is referred to as the “Napoleon Complex”!

      • Yes, I’m acutely aware of that — i’ve been covering Turkish politics for years.

        But the debate from his supporters is just as funny as he is, which is part of the reason I enjoy writing about him so damn much. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The best arguments actually are the “Erdogan is a tyrant” ones, especially when they come from neoliberal warmongers, who historically have had no problem with tyranny as long as they where of a particular flavour. Now get back to doing what you do best, providing a incomprehensible narrative for every market move so it looks like you predicted it.

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