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Trump Tells India, Turkey He’s Fed Up With Helping ‘World’s Poorest Countries Climb Out Of Poverty’

"Stable genius" strikes again.

"Stable genius" strikes again.
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6 comments on “Trump Tells India, Turkey He’s Fed Up With Helping ‘World’s Poorest Countries Climb Out Of Poverty’

  1. One flaw in the tactic of our “stable genius” could well be that when he picks his targets sequentially he assumes none of these counter parties ever talk to each other.. They too have common interests…. that could counter their self interests…maybe??

  2. Anonymous

    After Drumpf leaves office, either in cuffs or by ballot, I hope we see some state litigation against this corrupt bastard and some real, unpardonable jail time. Hell, let’s include the entire clan.

    • I’m with you on that! I suspect at the very least he will be arrested/charged/jailed/financially penalized and more if possible by the State of New York. 🤞

  3. The forecast for a slowing US economy, where fewer dollars are going to escape the country to support EM economies anyway and further the vicious cycle, is going to get leveraged as hard as it can no matter who is president to make changes.

    I wish Trump luck.

  4. One assignment from Putin apparently charged Trump with is to alienate our allies and then every other country not aligned with Russia. Countries such as India, all of South American countries and South Korea. He is doing a very good job of that and it will years to overcome.
    Second assignment is to help Russians divide America using racist hate, homophobia, and religious differences.
    Trump may receive even more money than L. Graham and McConnel combined for “campaign contributions.”

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