Art Of The Deal? Trump, Juncker Announce ‘New Phase’ In U.S.-E.U. Relationship, Averting Trade War

The "art of the deal"? "Easy to win"? "Tariffs are the greatest"? To say expectations were low headed into today's meeting between Donald Trump and  European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker would be to grossly understate the case. Basically, there were no expectations at all and early reports on Wednesday suggested that the President is determined to move ahead with $200 billion in auto tariffs irrespective of what Europe offers and no matter how many times industry executives
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8 thoughts on “Art Of The Deal? Trump, Juncker Announce ‘New Phase’ In U.S.-E.U. Relationship, Averting Trade War

  1. Donald and the EU will shadow box for a while, nothing will be agreed, and the world will temporarily be a better place, or at least seem to be. Sadly, El Dumbo will make a meal out of this. He likes to be able to “negotiate” one on one instead of multilaterally, partly because he can bully better. It doesn’t make for a good system but for sclerotic relationships, and is a knee to the groin of the WTO.

    Juncker may think he’s scored a victory but it’s unlikely to be much and may even be an own-goal, though this move is in keeping with “Eurospeak”. Trump will meanwhile crow and the mid-terms will pass and he’ll go on the attack again. That’s his technique; he fools people into thinking the one they are talking to is THE ONE, when that is just today’s one. Who has been the real fox will only become clear later, but if I were Juncker, I wouldn’t boast too soon. Trade war hasn’t been averted but at best postponed.

    China by contrast will not be such easy prey. That henhouse is guarded by cobras. We live in a time of great change as the US is coerced out of the role of top dog to just one of a pack. Xi won’t be impressed by this “deal” but it won’t matter really. Don – as your predecessor told your mate, you’re on the wrong side of history. Engaging with China to really make the world a better place needs a completely different approach; it is beyond your wit.

  2. This will be a death knell for a lot of pro-EU parties. What many are not appreciating is that the ultra nationalist factions in Europe are just as “insert-European-nation-first” as Trump is “America first”. They are kin in terms of rhetorical strategies but they see the world as an arena of nations aligned against each other. If the Juncker makes concessions its seen by one side as a loss, and this will not play well in Europe with nationalists who can use this as ammo against pro-EU mainstream parties. In other words, if the EU is so weak they give in to demands by the US, then what good are they? Why not leave and negotiate for themselves?

  3. This seems like a Neville Chamberlain move to me. Juncker’s going to look stupid for trying to negotiate with a petulant no-nothing who thinks a trade deficit is automatically a loss and something he can personally dictate.

  4. This feels like a global pump and dump. I thought that play disappeared with Cheney.
    Buy the dips or go for the long game with the outflows?
    Jus’ thinkin’ out loud.

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