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Welcome To Campaign 2020: Warren Makes It Official, Trump Maybe-Mocks Trail Of Tears

"See you on the TRAIL".

"See you on the TRAIL".
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7 comments on “Welcome To Campaign 2020: Warren Makes It Official, Trump Maybe-Mocks Trail Of Tears

  1. Any human who likes this man, respects and approves of his behavior and wants him in the WH is a disgrace to America.

  2. Great 🙁 more “Wag the Dog”. She’ll pull a Bernie and the same 100M will sit it out.
    We need a third party – just like any other schoolyard.
    Sheesh! When will the Bernays legacy die?

  3. I think if Beto were to run, a lot of the other Dems would drop out. Obviously Warren and Harris wouldn’t, but I think Beto would announcing would clear the air a bit.

    • I think a sure sign of nationwide support for Beto was shown during his competition with Cruz – a Texas only race – and Beto received multi-millions of dollars donated from only individual citizens from coast to coast across America and refused contributions from corporations.

      He is clearly recognized for his sincerity and promise to improve the course of America.

      A good point at this particular time is that he was born, raised and remains in El Paso, Texas, on the border with Mexico and has only the truth to tell you.

      Here is a news link published Dec 2018, a great article, good comments to read, some additional information offered — it is time for everyone to get to know this man.


  4. That’s kind of a strange quote you had about populism. Populism was first used to describe political movements in the US in the later part of the 1800s on behalf of farmers and workers seeking basic rights the ruling elite denied them. In fact it was populism that led to the New Deal. Of course there are a lot of negative descriptions of populism usually coming from the ruling elite who are on the receiving end of the populists’ demands.

  5. I don’t know how anyone attacks ‘the big brain’ when it spouts a bucket of absolute garbage every day. You’d need an hour every day from the legitimate news organizations laying bare the lies, misdirection and out and out fabrications, so that the hoi polloi can deal with him. It’s overwhelming and his people know it. (And an hour would probably not be near enough.)

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