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Shades Of 2016

Parallels and analogs.

Parallels and analogs.
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1 comment on “Shades Of 2016

  1. while its nice the Fed pre-eased, before the next govt shutdown that is 2 weeks before debt ceiling is ‘re-limited’…but Im sure munchkin has already told djt either ‘deficits dont matter’ and/or ‘we can stretch it out a few months’. also there was something about tarriffs getting put into place (perhaps explaining pmi bumps in dec).

    maybe im not dwelling enough on the great january, but to me in a handful of days we can revert back to december with a healthy side of ‘additional pressing issues’….and for dessert 4% eps growth with zero growth voer the next several months.

    all this really means is the fed will ease further and everytime the fed goes from raising to pausing to easiing…the markets do well, right?

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