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Trump Flounders As Two-Front War With Dems, China Takes Visible Toll

Art of the dealbreaker.

Art of the dealbreaker.
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6 comments on “Trump Flounders As Two-Front War With Dems, China Takes Visible Toll

  1. Trump is a complete idiot, but he’s learned 2 things: Repeat something (anything) often enough and folks tend to get onboard. Not everyone of course, but enough to keep his train rolling down the tracks. And if something goes against you, go twice as hard ‘right back at ya’ (ie, deny & counter-sue).

    So, despite the daily insanity, I believe he continues to build his ‘brand’ bigger than ever, and will likely be a formidable candidate in 2020. Repubs have shown they’ll push back (effectively) on NOTHING he says or does, and the way Dems are going, they appear highly unlikely to come up w/ a worthy (ie, winning) opponent.

    Fed caved, and no matter what happens w/ China I think Trump wants this done more than China, so he’ll announce a “tremendous deal!” to keep this party going. Talking my book…

  2. He might have to send U.S. Troops in to Venezuela, which would be a disaster on all counts, just to distract the Public’s attention away from Mueller’s tightening ‘noose.’ Trump can’t be trusted on any ‘deal’ he makes, viz., Steel and Aluminum tariffs.

  3. click

    I think the strategy, after Trump realized he had won the presidency, was from day one to go as long as possible with the desperate hope that Congress would completely bar him. This way, there would be an out for failing to accomplish anything.

    But that didn’t happen. TCJA happened, DPRK happened, and now the wall might happen. Re-election might even happen. Imagine the clicks!

  4. Every day I wonder how otherwise rational people become irrational when it comes to trump. Today would make any rational person question his competency and honestly his mental wellness. It is astonishing that people have not yet demanded better from him. The bar has never been this low for any previous president. Imagine what Repubs would have said if Pres Obama said and did these things………………..

    • What do you think the Repubs say about Trump behind the scenes? I suppose they are they just riding this train as far as it will carry them. But surely the sane among them are terrified of what this inept and insane man will get us into. Their ability to remain silent and acquiesce is mind boggling to me.

  5. Yup it’d be pretty damn cold without any walls in my condo

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