What’s Behind The Flash Crash In S&P Futures?

And now, a moment of silence for broken markets. U.S. equity futures nosedived out of the gate on Wednesday evening in a harrowing plunge that conjured uncomfortable memories of flash crashes past. Here's ES with annotations marking notable events: And here's the zoomed in version of this evening's proceedings: The proximate cause of today's mini-crash is as yet unknown. Earlier on Sunday, the Globe and Mail reported that Canada has arrested Huawei Technologies CFO Wanzhou Meng, who now
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5 thoughts on “What’s Behind The Flash Crash In S&P Futures?

  1. Let’s see we have market structure, algos, trade, tariff man, Huawai, ships moving to possibly meet Russians, North Korea, US planes down, Brexit, year end with bonuses and jobs on the line, slowing US and global economies, oil, the Fed, fiscal deficits and debt, over levered corps, end of cycle, Italy, France, gandalf all bullish into y/e. Pres T should have a wall like this at the border………….

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