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Chinese Stocks Not Amused With Ill-Timed Huawei Tech Bombshell

Who's excited for the G20?

Who's excited for the G20?
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3 comments on “Chinese Stocks Not Amused With Ill-Timed Huawei Tech Bombshell

  1. Jan A. Veenstra

    So the US still has allies left and they follow the advice of the current US president ? Another two years of a Trump presidency and there may be no allies left at all. Even if the next president manages to rebuilt some of the chaos currently being created, I am afraid there will be lasting damage. “The elected once an republican idiot, they might well do it again” will last a long time. And who will be laughing then ? You guess it, our Chinese friends.

    • Harvey Darrow Cotton

      The United States will have allies on our side of the Moron Curtain: Brazil, The Philippines, Poland, Hungary, a few Central American fellow banana Republics.

      • Add all those economies together and you wouldn’t get the GDP of even one small Chinese industrial park. I guess you could add Russia (Putin’s private Mafia), North Korea (Rocket Man’s slave colony), and Saudi Arabia (a princes’s private killing field) to the list of allies.

        When you call Canada a security threat, it means there are no sane allies left.

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