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Trump To Fire Wilbur Ross, Replace Him With Wife Of Pro Wrestling CEO McMahon

Say goodbye to the soup can index.

Wilbur Ross hasn’t been terribly effective in his capacity as Commerce Secretary.

Ross (who maybe, hypothetically, isn’t guilty of insider trading), is most famous for his proprietary Campbell’s soup can index, which he unveiled back in March while defending Trump’s metals tariffs on CNBC.

Wilbur is obviously a standing joke – a source of endless comedic relief with a penchant for saying something adorably absurd every time his remains are reanimated and presented to the financial media for comment.

In June, for instance, Wilbur’s ghastly visage materialized on Bloomberg TV where he suggested that “spoiled” countries have been “putting in place all kinds of elaborate, non-science-based restrictions” on the way to refusing meat and poultry shipments based on a variety of excuses including, but by no means limited to, “nonsense” about sick cows and flu-ridden chickens.”

And who can forget Ross’s ill-fated effort to assuage nervous markets about the prospects of a global trade war by assuring everyone that he and Trump “aren’t trying to blow up the world”?

Oh, and then there was the time in February when Wilbur told CNBC’s Joe Kernen that he (Wilbur) intends to “turn the moon into a gas station.”

Well, according to CNBC (the source of all things Wilbur), Trump has seen enough from Ross. “President Donald Trump is telling people he wants to replace [his] Commerce Secretary by the end of the year,” the network reports, citing three people familiar with the matter.

And just who will Trump tap to replace Wilbur? Why, Linda McMahon, wife of wrestler and WWE chairman Vince McMahon – naturally (?). To wit:

Linda McMahon’s husband and public face of the WWE, Vince McMahon, is close friends with Trump. The two squared off in a wrestling match in 2007. Before that, Trump sponsored two of the wrestling company’s Wrestlemania events in Atlantic City during the late 1980s. Trump is enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame, along with superstars such as Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.

The McMahon and Trump alliance then expanded into the political world.

Linda McMahon was a top donor to two super PACs that supported Trump’s candidacy, including $6 million to Rebuilding America Now and $1 million to Future45, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Vince McMahon gave up just over $67,000 to the Republican National Committee that year.

McMahon is currently the head of the Small Business Administration. Her husband is currently a cartoon character.

“McMahon has made clear she is interested in the position and would accept it if it is offered,” Politico says, adding that “whether Ross stays or goes will depend on the extent to which newly empowered Democrats in the House decide to probe the Commerce secretary’s finances and questions about his divestment of assets.”

It wasn’t immediately clear whether McMahon would discontinue the time series on Ross’s soup can index or whether Wilbur’s Lunar Gas-N-Go plans would move ahead in his absence.



1 comment on “Trump To Fire Wilbur Ross, Replace Him With Wife Of Pro Wrestling CEO McMahon

  1. from the linked CNBC article:

    „…also said that a final decision has not been made and Trump could always change his mind at the last minute“.

    no kidding.

    there might be some hope left for continuation of the soup can index…

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